So Tuesday it is again

Published 01/15/2013 by MoonieZ

A moment ago I thought about uploading some pictures of  my snowy adventures today, but then I thought: everyone already knows what snow looks like, right? So, why bother.

The above means there’ll be no pictures of me and/or snow. For now.  There might be some picture of me coming along if the moment is right someday later on. Maybe.

Anyway today is a snowy day, and when I say snowy, I mean s-n-o-w-y. Started late last night, continued all day and hasn’t stopped yet.

I’ve been out to shovel away snow twice today and the driveway still looks like nobody touched it. Snowy.

Of course the good thing is that I got plenty of fresh air and some much-needed exercise. So all is well that ends well. Except for the träningsvärk (“training ache”) in my shoulders and back. But no pain no gain, or no gain no pain in my case.

What else did I do today? I sent some job applications in. Looked at other job related stuff online and worked on some other projects related to finding a job.  I think I have been rather productive.




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