New year, new start?

Published 01/02/2013 by MoonieZ

I’m not sure. Nothing new about starting the year with a post written several weeks ago. About something that happened a long time ago. Almost in another life.

However, this is the way it starts. The new year of this blog.

I had my hair cut today. Tomorrow I’m back to the daily grind and I have a busy weekend ahead. What I don’t have are a lot of things but I would much rather think of what I do have. This year I want to keep my focus on the good things.

So, why start off with something negative in the first post then?

Well, I had already promised to publish that story and now was a good time to clear my drafts folder to get a fresh start.

Also, I’m not sure I will write the rest of the story anytime soon. While working on it I found it too depressing to finish.

I think everyone who follows this blog already knows about my problems and fears concerning love, relationships and women. Maybe I will try once more to make sense of my thoughts about all of this and write it down but don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.



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