The time has come

Published 11/15/2012 by MoonieZ

The time has come to make some changes. Perhaps the changes have been happening for some time without me really paying attention.

In my own mind I have been thinking about my place in the world and where my life is going and what I want to do about it. No different from how it has always been but still my thinking has taken a new direction.

My most important goal in life is still to find and keep a job that will provide not only income but also a chance to put my skills to good use.

Of course, finding someone special to share my life with ought to be the most important goal but it isn’t anymore.

I have to start to be more realistic about this quest as it has taken a lot of time, effort and energy out of me over the years without much result to show. The emotional wear and tear has also taken a toll and lately I have started to think it would be better if I didn’t bother so much with it all.

I have a few nice friends and some other good people in my life. Maybe to feel appreciated as a friend and to appreciate others in that fashion is actually good enough at this point. At least it makes me feel happy. I guess all I’m thinking is to be really happy for what I do have in life instead of always be chasing something more or better or whatever without reaching it.


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