I may be wrong

Published 11/03/2012 by MoonieZ

About a lot of things. Perhaps I’m wrong about everything. Still, I admit it. I don’t pretend to always know or to always be right. And I sure as hell do not try to speak for anyone else. I speak for me, and me only. You may love it or hate it or whatever but I will keep speaking for me and I will not hide what I think and feel.  Least of all on my own blog.

The other day I happened to read a post I wrote long ago and again I had trouble believing it was my own writing. Did I really write that? That can’t be true. I’m not that good. My first reaction to everything good I’ve ever written is always the same: it can’t be me who wrote that.

Where does this reaction come from? I’ll tell you. It comes from the feeling of never being good enough, from the assurance that failure is always the first option and the idea that nothing I do will ever be great.

However, when I realize that I actually have produced a few things of lasting value, I always tell myself I’m not as bad as I think and not so much a loser as I feel.

The next time I write something I have forgotten all about it though. And I’m back where I started,  a nobody without any talent at all.

But hey, at least I’m honest about it.

Anyway, this update wasn’t going to be about me, it was supposed to be a reaction to something I was reading just now, but after thinking about it again, I have decided to not bother. Everyone has the right to voice opinions but, I don’t see the need to voice my opinion on what this other person has written. Even though I disagree with most of it.

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