Goes without saying

Published 10/26/2012 by MoonieZ

If you think I seemed angry in my last post, let me assure you that you do not have to believe everything I write. I’m not always being serious. Sometimes I try to be funny.

Sometimes that being funny doesn’t really come across the way I intended but nevertheless, funny is what it’s supposed to be. At least some kind of funny.

Maybe not your kind, but hey, I’m the writer here and what I say goes. Love it or leave it. Your choice.

This probably sounds rather harsh, so I think I’ll have to write something even more positive before I get stamped as being a very grumpy old fart. Not that it wouldn’t be true. I am in fact rather old and most of my life I’ve been asked why I’m so angry just because I seldom laugh or smile in public.

What was the topic again? What do you mean you don’t know? I should know? Well, I don’t know.



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