This is Thursday

Published 10/11/2012 by MoonieZ

Been a long time without any news from yours truly.

Reason? You mean you need me to have a reason for not updating this blog? Yes. Ok.

Reason: not having anything to say. Good enough? No.


I haven’t been feeling…or rather…I don’t feel too good. I feel depressed. I don’t see my life going anywhere I want it to. I struggle on but I can’t say it helps much.

Most days I don’t want to wake up and when I do, I wish I could go back to sleep.

However, not even my dreams are any good lately. Except daydreams. Those I can still control. At least most of  them.

Nothing happens. I look for work, I apply for jobs, I work on my blog project to market my skills towards employers but the results are slim to none.

Not that I expect any sudden success but all of this not getting anywhere is wearing me down. To motivate myself to keep  going gets harder every day.

The rest of my time I spend on watching movies, TV and listen to music. I also read some books now and then. Try to educate myself and stay in touch with what goes on in the world around me.

Actually the state of the world affairs only adds to my depressed feeling. Wars, famine, poverty, conflicts and economic crisis everywhere I look. I fear the world is in a very bad state. And I fear it will get worse before it gets better.

Solution? I don’t have any. That’s what the politicians are for.

Yesterday, while I was calmly waiting for my bus and reading a newspaper at the bus stop, I was attacked. Or provoked, rather, by a gang of teenage girls of obvious foreign descent. They all spoke with very loud voices, “sang” out loud, smoked, shouted, spat on the ground  and acted like they hade never been taught any manners at all.

I thought to myself, why haven’t their parents taught them anything about how to behave?  Not long after that thought they started blowing smoke in my face and asked me why I looked angry. I told them it was none of their business and when they said they wanted everyone to be happy instead of angry, I told them to not shout, scream and run around so much because that would help make me a bit happier. Of course that was the wrong suggestion, and they ignored it.

Didn’t make my day, to put it mildly.


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