Thursday text typing

Published 09/27/2012 by MoonieZ


Thursday. Autumn weather is here to stay. The days are slowly getting shorter, darkness comes earlier.

I feel like I’m moving in slow motion most of the time and still time seems to fly by at great speed.  A very strange feeling.

What’s the best way to deal with the past? To learn from it, live with it, discuss it, hide it or forget it? This question has been asked more than once in my country this week.

The answers are not always simple.

I think the way to deal with the past is to live with it, discuss it and try to learn from it.

In this blog I return to my past a lot. Often not only to describe it but to discuss it and maybe even see what I can learn from it. Over the years I find I have used this blog as a way to write about myself not only as I am today but how I used to be and how I became the person I am. Perhaps.

Lately my post are often reports of recent events in my life and I seem to avoid digging any deeper.

Maybe that will change.



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