Published 09/21/2012 by MoonieZ


Is how I feel. Often. Does not mean that I think I’m an idiot, I only feel like an idiot a lot.  Not sure why this feeling keeps returning but it does. Many times I wish I didn’t feel so idiotic. Many times I wish I didn’t behave like an idiot. Other times I wonder why.  Like I do right now.

Perhaps it’s the time of the year, autumn coming and summer being gone, that brings out this depressive feeling of being idiotic. Could be. I have no idea. One day maybe I’ll find out.

Anyway, life goes on. Another Friday, another weekend. Enjoying it as much as possible. Well, mostly I only eat too much and daydream of better days.  For sure, I could be doing something else but I can’t seem to get around to it. As if all the energy is gone.

Before this turns all depressive, I will end it.



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