Published 08/23/2012 by MoonieZ

Reading the news sometimes makes me wonder why I bother. Most of the time I find it depressing.

This morning I read some news that made me doubt my sanity. Either I’m insane or the world is.

Anyway, I have managed to put it behind me.

I also read some blog about a subject I am somewhat familiar with. It made me wonder if I have been missing the point for more than a decade. For a moment I thought about writing a comment to it but decided not to.

My opinion on that subject would not be met with anything but rejection.  Not that rejection keeps me from voicing my opinion but in this case I don’t think it’s worth the effort. Nothing will change. If some people want to speak for everyone and lay down the law of  human relations then so be it. I will still stick to what I know and have learned from my own experience. To me that will still be more valid than anything else.

Moving on. Today I had an ambition to get some things done but I have yet to start.

Maybe I will find the energy soon. Or maybe not. If not there’s always tomorrow.

Nothing much to report from this week so far. I’ve been worried about a cat but it seems it will make it through. At least I hope it will.

Have spent my evenings much the same as always. Except last few days I’ve played a video game and seen time fly faster than ever. Sometimes a good thing but not always. However, it has been good to let out some stress by playing a game and not have to think about things for a few hours.

My mother will have some surgery done to her eye next week. I hope the result will be improved eyesight.

Always makes me worried whenever there’s surgery. I always think about what the surgeon told me when he decided not to operate on my legs: there are always risks involved with surgery so it should only be done if the gain is greater than the potential risk.

No matter what intention I start out with, I always end up in the same kind of blog posting mood.

Maybe this means I should stop and let this be posted like it is. Incoherent.

Just like my mind: all over the map.


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