What to write and what not

Published 08/08/2012 by MoonieZ

Always a question I ask myself.

Sometimes I know I write too much and too often without really having anything new to say. Many times I simply write in order to keep in touch. To communicate and show I’m still around or that I care.

Sometimes when I write I have second thoughts and worry that I’m annoying instead of nice, since I haven’t got much news to write.  Then I think that if my writing really is annoying nobody would bother reading it  or responding to it.

Where that uncertainty comes from I don’t know for sure but I’ve always been afraid of being annoying or of bothering people. Always prefered to keep quiet instead.

The other day I thought of a question I asked a friend: what would your life be like today if the internet had not been invented?

In my case I know that I would most likely spend as much time writing as I do now, except I’d probably be using a typewriter instead of a computer. Also, I’d spend more time reading actual printed books and watch more movies and television on a tv set rather than at a computer screen.  I wouldn’t have a blog – obviously – but I would be writing some kind of diary or journal on a daily basis. I used to write a diary before I got my first computer and internet hooked up.

I’d probably have some friends but not the same ones and probably not as many contacts with people in other countries as I have thanks to the internet.

For the last 15 years, internet has been a growing part of my life. Most of my life have shifted from the analog to the digital world. When I think back it amazes me that I didn’t know anything at all about computers 15 years ago when I got my very first pc – a Compaq with a 14″ screen. In 2002 I replaced it with a pc I built myself from parts. This system I used and added to for 7 years until it overheated and died in 2009. After that crash I couldn’t afford anything more than a budget HP computer and that’s what I’ve had since then.

After that little detour, I will now return to the topic of this short post. Do I have anything to add? No, not really. Then I should not write anything more. Just stop right here. Fine.


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