The happy smiling dude

Published 08/01/2012 by MoonieZ

The happy smiling dude lived in a small town near a wide stream and a deep forest.

Every morning the happy smiling dude woke up wearing a smile on his face and nothing else.

The first thing the happy smiling dude did every morning was to take a walk through town down to the wide stream for a morning swim.

As the happy smiling dude walked through town wearing nothing but a smile he made a lot of people smile. In fact, everyone who saw him smiled. They had to. The sight of the happy smiling dude walking along the street wearing only his big smile was impossible not to smile at.

When the happy smiling dude reached the stream, he didn’t bother to check the temperature of the water before jumping in. Instead he simply dove in head first, wearing only his broad smile.

He swam across the wide stream and climbed ashore on the other side, where he rested and let the sun dry his body while he smiled back at the sun.

Rested and dry, he then got up and walked on into the deep forest. Still wearing his broad smile and nothing else.

He hasn’t been seen again.


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