That utterly useless feeling of uselessness, #1

Published 08/01/2012 by MoonieZ

Yes, I know what I wrote yesterday. I can read, you know. Still, this is still my blog and I post what I want without asking permission from anyone.

So, here it goes: the utterly useless feeling of uselessness. It hit me today. Came at me when I wasn’t looking and made me look up at the ceiling for an hour while thoughts and feelings battled for control of my being. The uselessness tried to take command over me and did so for some time. Right now I can feel it retreating back to wherever it hides between attempts to conquer me.

I very nearly succumbed to it this time around. The attack came without any warning and surprised me. I didn’t have time to defend myself before it was too late. However, since this feeling is no stranger to me I do know it can’t win unless I let it so after some struggle I managed to break free and escape.

An interesting morning I dare say.


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