Internet down

Published 07/16/2012 by MoonieZ

How annoying it is, to not have internet access when you are used to always being online.

This weekend has been a nightmare for me because my internet was down from Friday evening to Saturday morning and then again from Saturday evening and still not back up again.  My provider tells me today (Monday) they can’t say when internet will be back. They have to replace parts somewhere in their hardware and don’t know how long that will take them to  do.

Luckily I have a different provider at the office so I can do some work from here but not being able to do anything I have planned at home drives me almost insane. Well, at least it makes me very annoyed.

Still, all I can do now is keep waiting and hope it won’t take too long.

It makes me think though, how much around the clock internet access has become an integrated part of my everyday life. Only ten years ago it wasn’t like that at all. I spent maybe three hours at a time online per day via dial-up connection and never really needed more than that. Now a down time of three hours makes me mad.

So what did I do instead. Not a lot. Watched a DVD movie. Backed up some local files to other media and watched the blinking light on the broadband modem while hoping it would stop blinking so I’d be able to go online.

Thought of everything I’d be missing, all the emails I couldn’t send or read and so on. Finally I went to sleep very early.


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