Dream a little dream

Published 07/05/2012 by MoonieZ

Is it allowed? That’s  a serious question, no joke. Is it allowed to dream?

I have a little dream, I still keep dreaming. One little dream left. One dream I refuse to let go of. One little dream.

Once, long ago, I had plenty of dreams to indulge in. Big dreams, bold dreams. Shiny and glittering, bombastic and proud.

As the years went by, however, that thing we call reality started to chip away more and more of those dreams. Then one day, there was nothing left. The dreams had all been reduced to dust. All except one. One little dream remained, sheltered deep in my heart and my mind.

Reality has tried to attack this dream too, of course, but so far, I’ve fought back, defended this one little dream, kept it alive.


Why not? is my answer. Everyone should be allowed to have at least one dream. Even against all odds. Even if the dream will most likely never come true.

One little dream can be the difference between holding on or letting go, between finding the will to get up and work through another day or staying in bed and turning your back to the world.

One little dream.


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