Published 07/01/2012 by MoonieZ

Never been much of a shoe person. If I could go without shoes everyday of my life, I’d be very happy. I can’t, though. Not in the climate where I live. Also it isn’t socially accepted to walk without shoes on in most situations in our culture. So, I wear shoes because I must. In order to be accepted and in order to protect my feet from the hazards of the environment.

Now, I also have very sensitive skin so that wearing a new shoe is always bringing blisters, sores and other skin problems. Finding a new pair of shoes that feel good from the start, have always been nearly impossible. Only after wearing them for long enough to make them softer and better shaped for my feet, can I walk in them without any discomfort or pain. This means, when a pair of shoes fit and feel really good to wear, I wear that pair for as long as possible. Until the shoes are beyond worn out and should have been discarded.

That also means there can be years and years between the breaking in of new shoes which in turn probably makes it more difficult than it needs to be, if it was done more often.

Even if I don’t like wearing shoes, I still want the shoes I have to wear to look good. At least, they have to look good to me.

My everyday shoes for the last few years are a pair of really worn out L.A. Gear sport shoes. I could post a picture of them, to let you all see what I wear these days. I’m not sure many would approve of someone being seen in public with a pair of shoes like that, but on the other hand no one else has to wear them.

I used to have a few pairs of really nice walking shoes from Ecco before  but they are now beyond working order. So worn out that I can’t use them even though at first glance they still look somewhat decent.

For the winter and snow season I wore mostly the same pair of winter shoes I’ve had for the last decade. They are getting near the end of their life but I hope to be able to wear them for one more winter season before I have to replace them. Also made by Ecco  they have been very useful for both walking, travelling to the office and when shovelling snow.

Last but not least, I also have my Ecco sandals, which I bought in San Diego, California in 1995. They are still in very good condition and have served me well through the summer seasons since 1995. I don’t wear them a lot but, I have made use of them both in the city streets and out in the countryside.


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