Something good Saturday

Published 06/23/2012 by MoonieZ

That’s it. Something good to write on here, I wish I had.

Actually I think I have something good to write.

My Saturday started by sleeping for a few hours. Then I woke up, looked at my watch and knew I had to get up. In the middle of the night? Yes. I had a rather good reason for it.
So I got up but not without resistance from my body. It wanted to stay in bed, asleep. However, my brain won that battle and I got to my feet and made it all the way to my desktop computer and my comfy old office chair. Sat down, looked at the screen, logged on to the site and entered the chat room.

After that things just got better.  Seeing friends does that. Make things better. At least my things get better whenever I see my friends online.  Somehow I hope I help make some of their things a bit better too when I show up.  At least that’s what I want to do.

The rest of my day I spent resting. Mostly. One of my cousins and her husband came visiting. They brought  an apple pie with them, so we all shared it along with a cup of coffee.  Was a nice surprise. I do not see my cousins too often. Not as often as I used to when we were kids, but at least four or five times a year.

Dinner today was almost the same as yesterday. The highlight being the fresh strawberries with just a slight sprinkle of sugar. Delicious.

Now I’m waiting to watch another football game on TV and then I have no more plans. Although I can see some sleep at the end of the evening.

Happy Saturday!

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