Published 06/16/2012 by MoonieZ

Today, many Swedes have awakened suffering from some kind of PTSD after last night’s lost football (soccer) game against England in the European Championships 2012.  I’m not one of those Swedes. I had a feeling this game would be lost and the tournament be over even before the game started.

Sweden’s national team lost the opening game against Ukraine which was the key to having a chance to stay in tournament and advance to the quarter finals. Instead it is now the Ukraine who have a last chance to advance in their final game against England after having lost against France yesterday.

So, even though England is celebrating today, they might still lose and not make it to the quarter finals. Of course in the last game, England will have Wayne Rooney back in the team but I still think Ukraine can surprise everyone and win that game.

Anyway, my post today was not going to be about football but it looks like I failed again.

I was going to write some more about the post I made yesterday, about education and such.  Now I have forgotten what it was I wanted to add to it. Maybe I will remember another time.

The weather today is not so nice. Cloudy sky. Rain. Rather chilly winds. I will most likely stay inside and try to amuse myself somehow.

It looks like my nephew will be coming by for a visit and in that case it will be a nice afternoon. However it will be too cold to sit outside on the porch so coffee will have to be had indoors.

Tonight there are more football games to watch, which I will do even though I have no team to root for.

Have no idea what I’ll be having for dinner today but I’ll think of something. Always have in the past.

Happy Saturday!


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