Last Wednesday of May

Published 05/30/2012 by MoonieZ

Here I go again on my own

Had not planned to write today. Had other plans. However, sometimes I feel the need to vent a little. Outside of any schedules. Since I don’t have a schedule for this blog everything happens at random anyway.

So last night I had trouble sleeping. Rather I fell asleep but woke up shortly after only to fall asleep again. This happened a few times and then at around 6 am, I could no longer fall asleep again. I wanted to but I couldn’t. Tossed and turned for about one more hour, then got up.

Decided to make it a work at home day since I knew I would be tired all day anyway from lack of proper sleep. Started doing some office related stuff and some other things I should have done ages ago. Then took a break to do some laundry and go say Hi in a chat room.

After all that I returned to writing and suddenly had an urge to write this, just because I feel like writing about this day. The last Wednesday of May 2012. Another day that will never return. Another day lived through. One more day behind the cart, one less in front of it.

Late last night I watched a Dennis Miller HBO Special from the early 1990’s that I happened to stumble upon. I found it rather funny even though some references were a bit difficult to grasp for me as a foreigner and as such unfamiliar with some aspects of US society and culture.

Yesterday I was also reminded of my last po’ boy in New Orleans. It was in 1995 and I remember it being a tasty roast beef one from some place with a lot of locals in it. Wonder when I’ll ever have another one.

Read about a new book  in which the author claims that love is not about feelings at all, instead it is an act of will. I do not agree. To me love is about giving, a feeling of wanting to give without asking for or expecting anything in return. However, I could be wrong but that’s how I see it.

The weather is not as great as last week but still ok. Cloudy, a bit windy, kind of cold and some rain on the way. Rather normal for a Swedish summer.


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