Monday is a fine day

Published 05/28/2012 by MoonieZ

Yes, indeed. I wake up. I get ready. I go to the office and I check my Twitter and notice I’m unfollowed and blocked by someone I  recently tweeted to. Find out I’m also unfollowed on Tumblr by the same person. Not sure this has ever happened to me before.

Sure, I’ve been unfollowed before. That happens from time to time. Usually I’m unfollowed by people I don’t know who suddenly start following me on Twitter and/or Tumblr and then stop after some time. I suspect the reason to be that I don’t follow back or that I don’t tweet them or that they find they don’t like my tweets or whatever.

When someone I know unfollows me, it’s a bit different. So far it hasn’t happened more than a few times and both times by the same person. First time I was given a reason, this time it seems I didn’t get a reason for being both unfollowed and blocked so I guess all that remains for me is to move on.

I could of course dwell on this and ponder the reasons this person might have but that wouldn’t be very constructive as it would only be speculation and not fact. So, I leave this matter as it stands and move on.

Generally speaking I do know that my tweeting and tumblr-ing can’t please everyone all the time and it’s not my goal to please anyone. My reason for using Twitter and Tumblr is to express myself and interact with others.  I have unfollowed people too but most of the time I do it after being unfollowed by them. I also block accounts sometimes but only if I strongly suspect them to be fake/spammers and such.

Ok, enough of this stuff.

Today I hope I will do some productive writing and other work and also have a fine day in as many ways as possible.


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