Sort of Sunday

Published 05/27/2012 by MoonieZ

Not the best Sunday ever. Still not too bad. In the morning I woke up feeling rather good. I went out early to catch a bus. I had to get to the mail box to post a letter. After getting to the post box I suddenly had a very bad pain in my lower belly and almost couldn’t make it back to the bus stop to go home. These  pains are not new, I’ve had them a few times a week for months now but they are not often this bad. Of course I ought to go see a doctor about it but as it has been better for a few weeks or even a month I thought I was going to be ok anyway. And for the last three days before today I have had no problems at all. So this was a major set back.

Today I had planned to be with my mother and my oldest brother to dinner because it’s Mother’s Day here in Sweden. Now they had to go without me but at least it didn’t cancel the dinner that I had to stay at home. Still, it made my day less enjoyable for a few hours until I started to feel ok again.

Last night I stayed up late watching the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 , being broadcasted live from Baku in Azerbaijan. Don’t ask me how that country is considered a part of Europe but they are and they were last year’s winner of the contest so they get to host this year’s final.

However, next year the final will be hosted by Sweden, because our song Euphoria (performed by Loreen) won.  It wasn’t one of  my favorites but of course I’m kind proud that it won. Last time Sweden won was 1999 so I guess it was about time for us to win again. This was Sweden’s fifth win and that makes us one of the top ranking nations in the history of the contest.

Sweden’s first win was in 1974 when ABBA performed the song Waterloo  . Then  Sweden also won in 1984 and in 1991.


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