Domination dream

Published 05/24/2012 by MoonieZ

I woke up from a dream this morning. No, not a nightmare this time. Perhaps it was a bit of a strange dream but it didn’t really scare me as much as it excited me. On the other hand I often wake up feeling rather excited in the early mornings. That’s another story though.

What I remember of the dream is that I was being dominated by a certain woman who used me as she pleased and that it was a very satisfying feeling to submit to her will and actions.

I have to admit I have these dreams from time to time and also find myself daydreaming about scenarios of the same kind.

Being submissive and rather helpless, sometimes being tied down and forced to surrender. Sometimes just letting myself be used even when I could easily avoid it  by refusing to submit.

However, this is not my only daydream or fantasy. What the others are? If I feel like sharing them, I will, but not at this time.  I am not too interested in sharing all my sexual fantasies with the world. Actually I’m rather shy about these matters. Perhaps not the typical Swedish approach but I’ve never been much of the typical type of person.


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