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Published 05/12/2012 by MoonieZ

Hello there, have you missed me?

Not yet? Ok, I’ll go away a bit longer next time and see if that helps. Now I’m back and as usual I have no idea what to type here so I will make it up as I go. Most of the time that means the post will be a ramble and end without any warning. So, with all that out of the way – what shall we talk about?

Did anything happen today worth mentioning?  Two things I can think of right away.

1) I masturbated before brushing my teeth this morning. I did have clothes on though. Actually it was yesterday morning as I’m typing this past midnight on Friday evening or rather Saturday morning. For you Americans it will still be Friday for a few hours so don’t worry about it unless you’ll be reading this tomorrow when it will be Saturday for you lot too.

2) Can’t remember. Wait, now I remember. I had to use public transportation today to get to and from the office. In the morning it wasn’t so bad but in the afternoon it was a piece of living hell. Warm, humid, crowded and sweaty. On top of that the teen slacker generation.

I heard them talking on the bus while on the way home. One guy was proud of not having studied for a test at school so he could leave early and have the day off. Instead of being in school he had been skateboarding. Another guy was talking about how he spent his allowance in three days and then told his parents his account was empty. What the parents did? Gave him more money. The third guy was happy to have switched schools because at the new school he had gotten a MacBook that he would get to buy later at a low cost. His friend at another school had “only” gotten an iPad. I was thinking of all the tax money going to waste on these teenage students by providing them with fancy hardware at school when they don’t seem to bother learning anything.

Ok, enough grumpy old man for today.

At the office I wrote some texts or edited some I had written. My serious blog project over there is making progress but my job search isn’t. However, soon it will be summer and the job market will be a bit slow so I don’t expect any miracles. All I do is keep trying.

Had a very healthy fish dinner but proceeded to spoil that by eating Pringles chips and sour cream dip. Then I had a few cookies and some juice. All of this while watching ice hockey on TV.  Sweden lost a very violent game against Russia.

For those of you who follow my tweets not much of the information in this post is new, but you can’t expect me to create exclusive content for all my channels. Or is that what you expect me to do?

Later in the evening I begun to watch Get The Gringo starring Mel Gibson, but soon stopped in order to write this instead. After this I might end up in a chat room somewhere.

Now I have reached the end. Not bad for not knowing what to type.



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