Published 04/28/2012 by MoonieZ

Yesterday I made a field trip to hell.  Not sure what I’m on about? I’ll tell you.

I got on the bus. I travelled for a long time. Got off at the wrong stop, then walked around looking for the place where I was supposed to be for a long time before finding it only a short distance from the bus stop but across street and in the opposite direction.

By this time I was in pain from my stomach and could hardly walk the last few steps to the entrance of the building. When I got inside the door, I found an empty chair and sat down.

Now began what seemed like an endless time of waiting.  Waiting for a very short general information about the company that was recruiting new employees this day. Then  an even longer time of waiting began for my name to be called so that a short interview could take place. When that finally happened I was more than happy to leave the whole thing behind and travel back to the real world.

It did feel like a visit to hell because of two things:

1) the pain I was in for most of the time I was there

2) the lack of discipline among those attending and the unorganized method by which the meeting was executed.

However I could add this meeting/recruitment/interview to my list of job applications made this month. Perhaps I will have some luck with this one in the end.


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