Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Published 02/01/2012 by MoonieZ

Ok, time has come to update this thing yet again.

New month, lots of news to tell…Well, not much news actually.  Things move along. They do, but not very fast and it’s business as usual mostly. I’m writing and I’m making plans for my project. The days at the office go by rather quick. I have some people there to talk to, have some discussions about things happening. The rest of the time I spend thinking, writing and sometimes just looking out the window. Now and then I take a walk. Apply for some jobs. Wonder what will happen next. Daydream. Think of you. Listen to music, read the news – a lot about art, culture and politics and other topics of interest.

Then I get home and continue to think, dream and write while listening to music. Time is moving too fast and yet it seems to be not moving at all. I should add I also sleep a lot.

Weather has been cold lately. Not a lot of snow but  really cold nights, and cold sunny days. Tonight and tomorrow there might be  a lot of snow coming due to the really cold air moving in from Russia across the Baltic Sea. I hope there won’t be too much snow in my area because it would cause a lot of problems for the public transportation system.

I don’t know what more to write today so this is the end.

One last thing – I want to thank those who read and follow this blog because it always surprise me that anyone would find my writing interesting enough to follow.



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