Published 01/29/2012 by MoonieZ


It’s been a bad weekend for me. I’ve been feeling sad and angry most of the time, and I’ve slept badly and had strange nightmares wake me in the middle of the night. Been in stupid arguments about silly matters. Felt useless and worthless. In short: hell.

Nevertheless, I’m now writing this in an effort to let the world know I’m still among the living and that I have no plans to leave …yet. So those who hoped that my writing and posting strange texts on this blog would stop, will have to wait a while longer.

Today, Sunday, is a cold and sunny day. Actually it was  cold morning but now it’s only -1 degree outside. Will get colder again when the sun sets but that’s still a few hours away as I’m writing this.

The rest of today I hope to relax and find some peace to get myself back on track for the coming week of office work and other things that need to be done.



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