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Published 01/16/2012 by MoonieZ

Why does it feel like I’m knocking on heaven’s door? Maybe it’s the weather. Snowing, raining. Not a lot but enough to make me not want to go out.

I’ve not learned yet to not spend more than I can afford. However, since I can’t save I might as well have some fun while it lasts. Not sure if that makes any sense.

I was thinking back on my one visit to Las Vegas. Trying to remember what I did. I remember walking around on the streets looking at all the hotels and other buildings and at all the people. After spending a few hours and about $20 in the hotel casino I didn’t gamble any at all while in Vegas. Instead I looked at other people gambling. I remember having a meal at a McDonald’s in the basement at some hotel casino and seeing some people there who seemed almost too poor to even afford a burger but armed with cups filled to the brim with quarters and ready to go back to feeding the slot machines. Twenty-two years later I still remember how sad it made me feel to see that. Of course I had tried my luck on the machines too but after spending the $20 I had set as my limit I stopped and walked away. Not without some difficulty though. Part of me wanted to gamble more, to see if I could win some money back. Then I knew how easy it could be to get hooked and gamble my life away. Of course most people don’t become that obsessed by gambling, but some do. I’m sure some of those were the people I saw while at that McDonald’s.

Still Vegas was interesting. I regret not going to see any of the shows while I was there. However, I had the good fortune to spend my mornings in line for the hotel breakfast surrounded by huge crowds of  Japanese tourists armed with expensive cameras. I’m sure I ended up in some photo albums in Japan.


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