Harry Potter – the movies

Published 01/06/2012 by MoonieZ

Yes, I’ve watched all of them recently. At first I tried to read the books but I just couldn’t be patient enough to read them in digital format. So, I decided to cheat and watch the movies instead.

My impression of them is that they are all well made  and entertaining. Perhaps a bit slow here and there and some parts are repeated a bit too many times. The actors are all great and it’s been fun to see so many famous British actors perform throughout these movies.

The story is original in some aspects but far from it in many others. It is obvious how the author has collected and incorporated parts and pieces in terms of creatures, character traits, themes, plot elements and such  from lots of myths, fairy tales and other works such as novels and movies. I trace pieces of C S Lewis Narnia books, Tolkien‘s Lord of The Rings trilogy and George Lucas Star Wars-movies to just name a few of the more obvious sources of inspiration.

The story started out fairly light and humourous and became darker towards the end. I enjoyed the first movies the most and had a lot of trouble keeping my interest during the last two or three movies.

Also it became clear early on where the whole story would lead and at times I wished there had been a few more twists to make it less obvious.

Still, I’m glad to have seen them all and finally have some idea of what they’re all about. I enjoyed watching all the movies and maybe I will watch them again some day. Or try to make my way through reading all the books.


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