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Dexter (TV series)

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Started watching season 1 of Dexter  late Sunday evening. Continued watching on Monday at the office at lunch time. Now half way through the first season. Find it interesting so far  but maybe not exactly my cup of tea. Still I will try to watch all of the seasons to see if my first impression will change.

Finished watching season 1 tonight (Monday).  My first impression has changed a bit. I find the characters around Dexter more interesting than Dexter himself, but the whole show is interesting enough to keep watching.  The end of season 1 was rather thrilling even though it was easy to figure out who the bad guy would turn out to be.

Started watching season 2 on Tuesday evening after a pretty bad day with lots of problems unsolved that I had hoped would be solved.

I had some trouble getting into season 2 at first. The first and second episodes were ok but a bit like waiting to get started on something new. Then in episode three things started happening and I have begun to see why so many people seem to be addicted to this show. I still don’t like this Dexter character much but I do find the interactions between him and the people around him and the interactions between the other main characters more interesting. Will be interesting to see where the second season will go.

Finished watching the second season at lunch time on Thursday. Was a really messy ending but as usual Dexter walks free and some other good people take the punishment he should have taken. I know that this is entertainment but I can’t help to question the moral of this show. The moral of Dexter stinks. That’s my opinion. However I still like watching the show and I will keep on watching it to the end. Some parts are very enjoyable and even funny and I think it’s a very well made series.

Will start watching season 3 later today (Thursday).

Have finished the third season on Friday evening.

This one was a bit tough to chew down. Not as good as the first two, and it seemed too unfocused at times. I didn’t really get a good grip on it. The action didn’t speed up until the last three or four episodes and then it all ended a bit too neatly for my taste.

Also I ‘ve started to note a certain pattern in how the seasons and the whole series are constructed. How each season begin by using the first two episodes establishing what’s happened before and to introduce some changes like new characters  and a sense of how much time has passed between seasons. It seems that each season so far starts out with a focus on Dexter’s secret “work” and where his character is at in terms of personal and professional life. Then slowly the main police investigation of the season is introduced and at the same time some minor sidetrack narratives involving the supporting characters begin. I also noted that each season can be said to be revolving around a specific theme that Dexter has to deal with. At least it seems that way regarding the first three seasons.

I’m moving on to season four and hope to have finished watching it by Saturday or Sunday at the latest. Probably I’m slowly beginning to be addicted to this series.

Watched season 4 late Friday night and all day and evening Saturday, finishing at 2 am Sunday morning. This has been the best season so far. Even better than season 1. A very sad ending to a very thrilling and emotional storyline.  This season was not like the previous ones. Even though the structure is similar to the other seasons the action started to pick up speed much sooner and the main villain turned out to be a really interesting and twisted character. Everything was simply better executed in this season. I couldn’t stop watching, had to keep going to see how it would end.

Will move on to season 5 tomorrow and hope to reach the end of season 6 by Wednesday.

Season 5 was good, and an interesting turn of events. Some great scenes  and some really funny ones.I watched it on Sunday and Monday.

Started to watch season 6 late Monday evening and continued on Tuesday, ending almost at midnight. I liked season 6. It has some interesting twists and characters and the ending to the season makes sure I’ll be watching season 7 when it starts.

My final verdict on Dexter is that its a very good show and I guess I’ve grown to like it during this week of watching it. Still have some doubts about some moral issues but I think as a whole this series is great entertainment. Some cool characters and a lot of good actors.



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