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Published 12/11/2011 by MoonieZ

Mozzarella cheese

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Friday. I was glad to get out of the office and on my way home before the worst of the rain and bad weather hit. Had some bad luck with the buses but at last I was at home. Had a homemade hamburger for dinner and later in the evening enjoyed a nice slice of pizza. Also had some other items lined up for late night snacks. Some bread, Italian salami and mozzarella cheese and a big bottle of Dr Pepper.

However late in the evening I watched a movie  – The Whistleblower – that nearly made me sick. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very good movie about a very serious and real subject – human trafficking – but some scenes made me almost sick with sadness and horror. The cruelty and violence the victims of trafficking – women and young girls –  suffer in this movie at the hands of the men who buy, sell and use them as slaves made me feel ashamed of being a man even though I would never be able to be a part of anything like that.

Surprisingly I managed to sleep when I went to sleep and I woke up rested on Saturday morning.

After breakfast and reading the paper I didn’t do very much. Looked at Twitter and Tumblr, listened to music and spent some time daydreaming. Had some grilled salmon and fried sliced potatoes for dinner.  Some pain from kidney stones made me go to bed for an hour.

Later, in the evening, I went  by bus and train to do some grocery shopping.

Spent the rest of the evening watching a movie – Sahara –  with James Belushi as the main character.  It was a war movie but it felt more like a western. Entertaining and thrilling.

Slept well  and long and woke up after eleven on Sunday morning. Got up and read all of  the morning paper at breakfast. Had a ham sandwich for breakfast.

Then a bit later I went out to test if the car would start as it hadn’t been started for a long time. It started on the first try.

After reblogging and looking at my Tumblr dashboard I decided to write something for my blog and this is it. I admit it’s not much news or very interesting but at least it’s another update.

The rest of this Sunday afternoon and evening I will probably spend the same way as most Sunday evenings. Reading, listening to music and/or watching a movie.  Will have a shower and maybe wash my hair too. Haven’t decided yet.

Tomorrow is a new day at the office. New supervisors starting. Will be interesting. Sort of.



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