Looking back

Published 12/05/2011 by MoonieZ

A song by Joe Grushecky is playing in my headphones as I write this. The title of the song is Everything’s Going To Work Out Right which is exactly what I hope things will in the end. However, sometimes I doubt it. Sometimes with reason and mostly without reason. I start to worry and my thoughts run away with me against all reason. Not that I haven’t got things to worry about but those I can’t do much about anyway. I tend to worry about things I only imagine have happened or could happen and then I have a hard time to stop worrying. Anyway, I wasn’t going to write about this right now. I was about to write about what I thought about this morning when I was sitting on the commuter train going to the office.

Through the window I saw the road leading to the place where I once worked. Where I had my first real job. It’s so long ago now. More than 20 years ago. It was during the 1980’s and finding work was easy. I had finished school two weeks before I got that job and I felt very proud to finally be working and earning my own money.

I remembered the feeling of riding a bus to work in those days and sitting  behind the cash register in that small store in the early mornings when there were only a few customers and actually wishing there’d be more of them so I would be really busy. How quickly that feeling faded. Soon I started to wish for there being less busy times at work but that’s another story. I liked my job. I’ve liked all the jobs I’ve had. Didn’t always enjoy every moment of being at work but I always liked having a job and making a living. Also liked having colleagues and enjoyed working with all of them. Some more than others but I got along with all of them.

As I passed by on the train I wondered what became of my colleagues at that store. Most of them I only knew by first name so I haven’t even tried to google them or search on Facebook. I’m only curious to know what they’re doing today and I wonder if they are all still alive. Of course I also wonder if they remember me at all. I hope they do.

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