The wrong place

Published 11/26/2011 by MoonieZ

I hear that a lot. That this place or that place is the right or wrong place for something or other. But is that so? And why? In my opinion there is only one place (here) and only one time (now). That’s all there is and all we have in this one life so why don’t we use it instead of talking about when the right/wrong place or the right/wrong time will be for things? What, then, would be the right place and the right time for something? Who decides where and when that is? Is it up to each person to decide or did we all decide this together? Is it always the same? Or did we just at some place in time  construct this idea as a way to deal with the here and now so that each thing can be kept in place in order to make sense and avoid confusion.

In other words did we construct a system of placing things in right or wrong places in order to make sense of the world and our own interaction with and within it? If that is the case then we should also be able to ignore these ideas of right place/time and wrong place/time and just return to the only place we really know we got (here) and the only time (now) and make it a lot easier for ourselves.

However without the shelter of being able to say “this is the right/wrong place/time for this” life becomes a bit difficult to avoid living and things become difficult to avoid dealing with when they actually happen  – which is here and now and not at any other place or time that we have designated for it to occur to better suit us or so that we can avoid dealing with it at all.

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