This is Tuesday

Published 11/22/2011 by MoonieZ

Tuesday speaking. Just had a word from Monday, said it won’t be around until next week. So, I guess you are stuck with little old me. I know, it sucks but life can’t only be Fridays or Saturdays or whatever your preference might be. There has to be some room for Tuesdays too. Now, I know, we don’t amount to a hell of a lot. Mostly you just pass through us on your way to the greener pastures of Friday and Saturday but hey, here’s a secret, they’re just days of the week too, believe it or not they’re just the same as me and my buddy Monday. However most of you don’t seem to notice us and when you do you want to forget us. Or get rid of us. Even Wednesday and Thursday are more popular. They almost get to hang with the cool kids so they usually don’t want us to tag along. Being a Tuesday is no piece of cake. Sometimes I wish I was a Friday too or that Friday was a Tuesday so that I would get to be cool instead. I know jealousy is not very attractive so I try not to think about how much I’d like to be Friday, instead I focus on the fact that without me Monday would be very lonely just like poor Sunday who’s all alone at the end of the week. Not cool enough to hang with Saturday and Friday and not dull enough to be seen with losers like me and Monday. It must suck to be Sunday too. At least it must be a bit lonely to always be the day when everyone’s resting up after two wild nights of partying and mayhem.

Now before I start to sound all negative, I’ll sign off.



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