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Published 11/19/2011 by MoonieZ


Have no idea what happened to this week. I’ve been busy trying to find out what to do. And I’ve watched some movies, some TV, listened to music through Spotify, eaten and slept.

The days are short, or rather the hours of daylight are few. The days are the same length as always. There’s no snow.  There are reports that there might not be much snow around here this Winter. No snow is ok, but it makes my world very dark. A little snow on the ground would make the world a little brighter. However after the last two very snowy and cold winters I’m happy if this one will be a “green” one. Not much fun for fans of winter sports or for the kids who like to play in the snow but they are mostly playing with video games these days anyway.

I’ve watched a part of William Friedkin‘s Cruising ,but each time I watch it I find it too scary to finish in one sitting. Switched to Loverboy for some nostalgic laughs. That movie still makes me laugh each time I watch it and yet I guess its kind of cheesy even for a 1980’s comedy. Have also watched a bunch of other movies. Home for the Holidays, Carrie, 300, The Accused, Serpico and Road House. All good movies that I have watched more than once but still return to watch again. After studying cinema I’ve learned that watching a movie only once is not enough if you want to claim to really have seen it. Each time I return to watch a movie again I notice things I didn’t see or think of the last time.

Today I got up at around 9:30 and had a nice morning eating breakfast and reading the morning paper. Later my uncle came around to visit. After that I drove my mother to the church to light a candle at my father’s grave. Then we went to the grocery store and after shopping stopped by the local pizza place to order take out pizza for dinner.

After getting back home, I’ve spent the evening relaxing, reading news and looking at Twitter and Tumblr. Maybe I’ll watch another movie or do some more writing after this update is done.



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