Out of place

Published 11/15/2011 by MoonieZ

Nothing works.

I had made an appointment to get the tires changed on the car, but the place I went to couldn’t fix it. Have to go to another place. Not sure where to go  as it is not my car. Anyway today didn’t work out the way I thought. Lately very little seems to work out the way I plan. I have the feeling of being in the wrong place, out of place. Not sure about where I fit in. Never have been sure. Most of my life I’ve been out of place. Most of my life has been a struggle to find out where I belong. Haven’t really found out yet.

Looked for jobs today too. Found three or four ones that could maybe be interesting for me to apply for. Maybe jobs I could actually be able to do if the employer would decide to give me a chance. Anyway I’ve also done some chores around the home and written some texts for this blog. Now I’m spending a few hours relaxing before going to sleep again. Tomorrow another day at the office awaits.

I guess that’s all folks!


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