My Sunday

Published 11/15/2011 by MoonieZ

I forgot to write about my Sunday, I didn’t only watch movies.

It was Father’s Day here and as usual I went to the church with my mother to light a candle at my father’s grave. The rest of the day I did think about him a lot and wondered if he would have been happy to know I finally finished my studies. I think he would have liked that I didn’t give it up even though it did take a lot longer than I ever thought it would. Also I was very close to giving up many times during the past ten years.

Sometimes I wish I had my father around so I could ask some questions I can’t seem to figure out the answers to myself. I miss him. I miss that he always were around and ready to lend a hand or help out with some good advice.  I miss that he could always make the mood of a room better just by being in it. He was good at making other people feel good and at ease. He was almost always smiling and in a good mood. Rarely got angry but when he did he exploded. It didn’t last long though. He was good at sports. Competed in cross-country skiing and in gymnastics among other sports. Won some regional championships. Of course he was also very good at his job. He finished his pilot training in the Swedish Air Force as number one in his class out of about 50 students. Only about half of the students who had been admitted finished the course and I think  a few even crashed and were killed during training so it was rather dangerous to become a pilot in those days. Later on he studied to become an air traffic controller and worked as such the rest of his time in the Air Force.

The rest of my Sunday I watched a few movies, listened to music. Had  a shower, washed my hair and went to sleep rather early to ready for Monday and a new week at the office.

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