Tuesday text

Published 11/08/2011 by MoonieZ

I just came. I know it’s not the way to start  a blog post when you are a guy. Maybe if you are a girl. I don’t even know if it would be the way to end a post but its a fact.  I did.

After three hours of sleep I woke up feeling horny and since I had a good reason to feel that way I thought I might as well do something about it so I did. I went on a date with my hand.

Ok, I’ll save you the details of this encounter and just say it was a pleasure. Did I think of something or someone while I… ? You said no details. Yes, I know,  but I did have someone on my mind.

Now I feel ready to get on with my day. I have a lot to do but I’m sure I will be able to do it if I only take it easy.



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