Nothing much

Published 10/11/2011 by MoonieZ

Hey, it’s me.

I’m back again. Or I’d rather say I’ve been here all the time just not making myself seen or heard.

Today I was late for the office. Didn’t really want to go anywhere. Felt drained of all energy. Even with a sunny morning I felt gloomy. It was a cold morning. When I arrived to the office there was chaos. The floor fixing people had arrived a day early so the furniture was all over the place. Had to start my day by setting up computer in a new room and then find some peace to get some writing done.

Then the rest of the day passed quickly and I was glad to get back home by bus. At home I had a simple dinner and the last piece of mom’s homemade apple pie.

Been spending the evening reading Tumblr & Twitter and listening to my Spotify playlists. Also following a football game off and on but it sounds like another loss for the Swedish national team against the Netherlands. [Edit: Sweden seems to be winning.]

Will probably go to sleep rather early as I am feeling tired and there’s nothing much going on.


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