Still here

Published 10/07/2011 by MoonieZ

Yesterday I thought I would not be here again. Be here as in posting on this blog. I managed to make a mistake and get the blog deactivated. Luckily, got my blog back after sending an email to WordPress. I’m very happy the matter could be sorted out so that I could find my blog back up when I woke up this morning. I’ve learned a lesson and will be even more careful to avoid mistakes in the future.

Anyway tonight I’m looking forward to spending time in a chatroom to see a friend. I won’t get myself into trouble again by mentioning where or why.

The day started sunny and chilly. In the afternoon it got rainy and cold.

Was late to get going due to a visit by the plumber to start working on the water heater problem. With any luck it will be fixed soon.

I worked on a project at the office but didn’t make much progress as my thoughts were elsewhere for the most part.

Got home and had a lot of pain in my stomach but it went away after a while. Got some dinner and then started looking at Twitter and Tumblr to see what I had missed.

Now I’m writing this and listening to some music through Spotify.



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