Published 10/02/2011 by MoonieZ

No this is not about the Russian Revolution. This was supposed to be a post I had planned to write about this month of October and about friendships and the birthdays of two of my friends that are due this month.

I didn’t get around to starting and now it’s too late in the day to start.

Anyway – first out is the birthday next week of my old friend from the online world. I have had very little communication with her this year but I will still send a greeting on her birthday. We’ve been friends for about 9 years and once were very close. I can only say that I miss her and being able to talk to her about everything. Not to mention she was very good at giving me advice about any problem I might have. She also knew me better than I know myself. I will always remember the good times shared. Also wish her all the best. And miss her I do even if not as often as I used to.

Next up, towards the end of the month, is the birthday of another online friend. Only known her about a year but hope it will be a long-lasting friendship. Not much more to add than the fact that I am very happy to know her.



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