Heard on the bus this afternoon

Published 09/27/2011 by MoonieZ

Guy#1: What’s the weirdest things a girl has left behind at your place?

Guy#2: I don’t know…

Guy#1: You know XX she forgot a toothbrush once…

Guy#2: Who the hell brings a toothbrush when they go out to a bar!?

Guy#1: I don’t know…(laughs) bring a toothbrush to a one night stand? ….And once I found some fake nails some other girl had forgot…I mean how do you forget a thing like that?

Both guys laugh.

Guy#2: Well at my place one girl forgot a phone charger…and ‘ve found false eyelashes (sigh)…stockings…wallet… shoes…panties

Guy#1: Yeah false eyelashes…How can they forget a thing like that….Anyway you know ZZ? She says she forgot her panties at my place…but I haven’t found them….I’ve been looking everywhere …I’ve got no idea where they are


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