Weekend spent

Published 09/18/2011 by MoonieZ

Hey it’s me again! Your friendly morale officer Moonshine Glowsinthedark. I’m here to tell you how I spent my weekend.

Saturday & Sunday.

1. Went to sleep at 4 am or something, Saturday morning. Little hard to remember as I was not awake. 2. Got up again at some point. 3. Checked Twitter, Tumblr & email. 4. Checked the cam site MFC. 5. Listened to music. 6. Didn’t have breakfast but started eating chocolate. 7. Must have watched pictures and/or videos because I seem to remember having masturbated at some point during the day. 8. Started to feel ill or sick in the early afternoon. 9. Went to have a nap while getting dinner ready or after or before, not really sure. 10. Slept a bit after dinner too. Felt better. 11. Got back to reading tweets and listening to music. 12. Was at MFC for a bit looking around. 18. Checked Tumblr and re-blogged a lot of stuff. 19. Fell asleep sitting at computer. 20. Woke up and was awake a  while. 21 Decided to sleep in bed and went to bed. Got up again around midnight and checked the usual stuff.  22. Felt sleepy around 3 am and went back to sleep. 23. Woke up again at 8 am. Got up. 24. Checked Twitter. Checked Tumblr and checked MFC. 25. Listened to music through Spotify and decided to write a blog post. 26. Started writing but stopped after a few sentences to watch a video. 27. Daydreamed a while. 28. Watched video again  while beginning to masturbate. 29. Interrupted by uncle coming to visit. 30. Helped uncle to check the car to prepare for inspection tomorrow morning. 31. Back at computer. Checked Twitter & Tumblr. 32. Decided to write this blog post. 33. Wrote this blog post. 34. Published this blog post. 35. Will masturbate again since I didn’t get to finish before. 36. Later I will try to have a quick shower and wash my hair even though the water is not really warm enough. Must have that fixed very soon. 37. Rest of evening don’t know what I’ll do but probably much of the same as the other evening. 38. Go to sleep at a decent hour.



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