Holy Friday!

Published 09/16/2011 by MoonieZ

Yes. I’m alive.

Funny thing happened today on the way to… Actually, nothing funny happened. Nothing funny at all.

All I did this morning: 1. Woke up 2. Checked Twitter 3. Got up 4. Checked emails 5. Checked Tumblr 6. Checked blog stats 7. Checked Hayden Hart’s blog (you all should check it) 8. Checked my mail and profile page at MFC 9. Looked at pictures 10. Looked at video 11. Masturbated 12. Washed my face, combed hair, brushed teeth 13. Got dressed 14. Went to the bus stop. 15 Got on the bus 16. Got on the commuter train 17. Got on another commuter train 18. Arrived at the office 19. Switched on computer 20. Started to type

All I did today: 1. Checked Twitter every 10 minutes 2. Checked email every hour 3. Daydreamed of You 4. Typed 5. Listened to music 6. Typed some more 7. Daydreamed of You  again 8. Moved to a new room in the building 9. Went home by bus 10. Grocery shopped 11. Arrived home 12. Had dinner (pizza) 13. Checked Twitter on home pc 14. Tweeted You good morning 15. Sent out my #FF’s in reverse order 16. Went to chat at MFC 17. Started Spotify to listen to music 18. Reblogged stuff on Tumblr 19. Decided to write this 20. Finished writing this

All I will do this evening:



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