When I’m 44…

Published 09/13/2011 by MoonieZ

…will you still love me? Valid question. I am 44 now. My birthday was yesterday.

It got a bad start as I woke up in a kind of bad mood. I had been having a rather boring Sunday. Found out there was no hot water due to some failure I will need to have fixed very soon. Heating water on the stove is not an alternative for very long.

However as the day went on, my mood improved. I was greeted at the office and got a lottery ticket which proved to be a winner. Not a big win  but still something.  That made me happier. Then I got home, and was greeted with a nice sandwich cake. Also got a postcard from my aunt, a phone call from my bro the chef and some greetings on Facebook.  My uncle came by for some cake and some coffee. My mother greeted me.

Even later I got a birthday greeting from my internet friend which made me smile and it was the perfect end to a nice birthday. Did also chat with some nice people online.

This evening my oldest brother came by to greet and he brought me a present. A book, as usual. Also very nice.

Today I found out I probably need to use reading glasses which made me feel rather old. But I have to be happy to have been able to read everything without glasses for 43 years.



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