The week that was

Published 09/10/2011 by MoonieZ

Been another week on the rollercoaster we call life. Ok, maybe I’m the only one to call life a rollercoaster but be that as it may.

It started out ok this week. I remember Monday being a good day. My text looked almost all done. It only needed a little fixing. Then Friday came along and it needed more than a little fixing. It goes up and it goes down but it never stops to surprise.

Life outside of the office has been maybe less of a bumpy ride but not less surprising. Not by far. Been having some arguments with my mother. Not happy about it but it’s a part of life I guess.

The best part of the week has been the conversations with friends and with one of them in particular. You know who you are.

Worst part of the week is to be poor. Too poor. Always too poor. Almost not able to buy food, yet always looking for the really cheap stuff at the supermarket.

Not fun to find out that less than two months from now I’ve been unemployed for almost 5 years. Only break of employment being 6 months in the spring of 2008. This has got to change soon. I’m working on it to happen.

Well there’s a Saturday evening and a Sunday still left of this week. Will be interesting to see what will happen. I will be at home for the most part, having no money and no places to go.

Next week starts with a birthday. My birthday. I wonder how that will be.



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