Searching for a heart*

Published 09/10/2011 by MoonieZ

Excuse me, I’m back.

Been a while. I’ve been busy doing things and also busy not doing things. That is beside the point. This post is about something else.

Most of my life…well the last 30 years of it at least…has been dedicated to the search for a heart. Not my own though . I’m pretty sure I know where my own heart is. I feel it beating. No this quest has been for another heart. Another heart to make the heart I’ve got feel less of a loner lost in a world of strangeness. So far it has not  been a search that has had much success. However a lot of valuable lessons have been learned along the way.

I’m not going to go into those at this point. Loyal followers of this blog have probably already  read my countless posts on the subject of lessons learned by now. New readers are advised to look through the archived posts and do some research as to better understand where this post is coming from.

Let me just add that the search continues and that it might be done so with a bit of shift in focus as to how it has been done in the past. Learning from the past means that a certain flexibility and willingness to adapt is required unless I don’t want the search to move in circles around itself without getting anywhere. There was a time when all I did was chase my own tail but that time has passed. Now the focus is set to move forward at steady pace and some progress is being made. At least some steps do look like progress upon inspection. Not sure they are though. There are no sure results in a search of this kind. At least none that will last forever. Or are there? Some say there are. I say there ought to be. Maybe I won’t know until I find it. Or maybe not until after the fact. Be that as it may. Giving up is not an option. Not as long as there is life.


* (Thanks to Warren Zevon for the inspiration for the headline. Search out the song Searching For A Heart it’s worth a listen)

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