It’s Monday evening

Published 09/05/2011 by MoonieZ

Hello, I’m back!

Where did I go? Nowhere.

But I’m back to tell the world I’m alive. Also that the text I have been struggling with for months is now very,very nearly all done. I have only to add a few details and then this nightmare will be over. Then I hope the text will be approved by the teacher at the university so that I can collect my degree. At last. Only 10 years overdue. It certainly feel good to be able to look for work with a degree from the university. Might open some other roads to travel along.  So this was the first good news of the day.

The second good news is that the car is repaired and will be ready to use in just a few weeks. I do look forward to drive again. Will make life easier around here.

So today has been a pretty good day so far. My only hope is that things continue to be good. It would be nice to have some days of good news now.

Even though the clouds have gathered and the rain has started to fall I feel pretty good. I have things to be happy about. Not just the good news of today. So it means my blog posts will not be very good but I don’t care. I prefer to be happy if there is a choice to be made. The best would be to have both. Don’t know what the odds are for that happening.



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