Published 09/01/2011 by MoonieZ

September – Party In My Head


Feels like the air suddenly got fresh. And cool. Just because of that there was a really loud thunderstorm this afternoon. With heavy rain for a about one hour.

This morning was almost cold, at least chilly but the sun was warm so it wasn’t too bad to get on the bus, then the commuter train, then switch to another train to get to the office. To get there takes about one hour from door to door and it’s boring most of the time. Well sometimes there are some pretty girls to look at but mostly there is nothing to look at except what’s outside the train windows. Mostly countryside actually. Suburban developments and countryside. Or roads and highways and cars. Nothing exciting.

Today I made progress on my writing. The text which keeps eluding me to get a grip on and finish is about culture, politics, ideology and power. There was a time when I was interested in those topics but now I only wish to the get the damn thing written so I can turn my attention to other matters.

If I’m lucky that will be soon.

What else is new? Not much. I keep tweeting and Tumblr-ing and hang around a cam site known as MFC. Today I passed 18,000 tweets so I guess it means I have no life.

I keep in touch with friends and family. I listen to music and watch a movie sometimes.

Oh, and I daydream a bit much at times.

September is my month. Less than two weeks from now I’ll be a year older. Again. I’m going to start counting backwards soon. I don’t feel old but I’m starting to look old.

My birthday will be celebrated but probably not a lot as my budget won’t allow it. Besides it’s not an important number, my age. I wish it was lower but that’s how it is. Can’t really do anything about it.

What else is happening? Not much. The usual stuff. Should end here and go to sleep.



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