Last days of summer

Published 08/27/2011 by MoonieZ

Today is a fine day.

Sunny, warm and more like summer than a day in late August usually is. I enjoy the weather and I’m glad there aren’t any hurricanes around these parts of the world. At least not very often, if ever.

I woke up rather late as I had been up for a long time. Didn’t fall asleep until past 4 am. It was too warm to sleep well. It was a night with ‘tropical’ warmth, as the temperature never went below 20 degrees Celsius. Usually the nights are colder than that in August but this was an exception. The start of the last weekend of summer 2011.

I will be spending it at home. My budget does not allow much else. And since the car is being repaired once again I have only the commuter bus to rely on for transportation unless I walk to the nearest train station.

But, I have no great need to go anywhere. Can’t do much shopping since I have almost no money and need to save until my next payday. No great need to buy anything though. Sometimes its nice just to go out anyway, see something different. See some people other than neighbours.

I will also spend time online. I always do. Sometimes a lot of time. Maybe I ought not to. The  problem is I don’t know what to do instead. Of course I can read books or watch a movie but it’s more fun to watch people and chat. At least I think so. Also my friends are online so if I’m not there I won’t see them much.

Today I took a photo of this summer’s only rose in my garden. I will post it later. Looks rather nice and smells divine.

Haven’t done much else except sit out on the back porch and enjoyed the fine summer weather.

Now I’m back at the computer doing some tweeting and Tumblr-ing while watching MFC.

Tonight I don’t know what I’ll be doing. Might watch a movie.



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