Movies watched

Published 08/17/2011 by MoonieZ

While She Was Out

A short and very unoriginal story. Revolves around a housewife and her struggle to escape a gang of young thugs chasing her.
The movie reminded me of a lot of other – better – movies and left me with a feeling of was this all?

The Lost

Confused young man turns into serial killer.
The acting in this movie was pretty good but it still lacked something. I had a very uneasy feeling throughout and was very disgusted by the gory killing taking place.

Beyond The Border

A Swedish action movie set during WW 2 at the border between Nazi-occupied Norway and neutral Sweden.
Soldiers from a Swedish outpost venture into Norway and get into trouble with German border patrols.
Not totally realistic but nevertheless an entertaining adventure with decent acting and effects.


British action flick set during the Roman occupation of Britain.
A group of Roman soldiers are caught behind enemy lines and forced to fight their way back.
Actually better than I expected while still looking like it got made using sets and props left behind by some bigger production.


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