A good headline

Published 08/04/2011 by MoonieZ

Doesn’t get any better. Well, I’m at it again. At what? Writing. You call this writing? Yes, why? This  is not writing? Ok, what is it then? Typing. I see. And how do I know what to type? You don’t. Ok. I can see where this is going… No , you can’t. Why not? Because I am in control here. Really? Yes. I control what you type. Do you really? I do, I do! Ok, smart ass, tell me why I’m typing this and not that then. Because I told you to. Ok, when did you tell me? Just now. How did you tell me? I thought about it. You thought about it? Yes. That’s all it takes. I see. What are you thinking now then? What you typed. Really? Yes, really. I know it’s hard for someone without a brain to understand but that is exactly how I do it. Fine. Do happen to think of anything useful to for me to type? No, I  prefer the meaningless sentences you usually produce. Thanks. Don’t mention it. I won’t. Wait a minute! I didn’t think that. You didn’t think what? What you just typed! What did I just type? You typed I won’t! So what? I didn’t think that! What? That! Ok, whatever. This post is ruined anyway, I might aswell start a new one.


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